Sunday, March 21, 2010

Absynthe - Surfer's Paradise - Queensland

Name: Absynthe

Ground floor
Hamilton Av (Cnr Surfers Paradise Bvd)
Surfers Paradise 4217 QLD

Phone: (07) 5504 6466

Food: ModOz, French
Average price: Entree: $18.50-$36.50
Mains: $28.50-$42.50
Dessert: $16.50
Degustation: 7 courses for $135pp.

Complimentary:  Bread with oil, balsamic and butter.

I chose a date roll whilst R choose a hazelnut and curry roll.

We ordered a 7 course degustation:
Golden Egg, Soft Green Olive & Vanilla Crouton

Unfortunately this was a failure for me, I couldn't even finish it. The 'soft egg' was an egg mousse that just tasted completely wrong to me, I don't like the taste of raw eggs. The olive wasn't pleasant and neither was the puree - there was nothing pleasing on this plate for me.
R, on the other hand, liked it.

The Garden
Crispy Parmesan, Tomato Confit in Vanilla Oil, Eggplant ice cream

This dish was more to my liking. The subtle smokyness of the eggplant icecream paired well with the sweet tomato and salty parmesan.

R's included pancetta, he didn't enjoy this though.

Macquarie Harbour
Beetroot Raviolo, Cured Ocean Trout, Goats Cheese

Both of us enjoyed this dish. The beetroot was finely sliced and went well with the accompanying ingredients.

The Ocean
Pan-Fried Red Emperor, Pumpkin & Girolles Mushrooms

R doesn't remember this dish.

The Black Diamonds
Pumpkin Ravioli, Asparagus “Grenobloise”

The pasta was cooked well and it was enjoyable. 

Perigord Truffle Risotto 

The rice was a little underdone for me, but the truffle taste was pleasant. Serving size was very small though.

The Farm
Chicken wrapped in pancetta, Celeriac Puree & Braised baby fennel

R thought this was nice.

The Sweet Start
Banana Three Times

I absolutely loved this dish - so comforting and yummy. There was roasted banana which was hot, caramelised and delicious when paired with the creamy and almost toffee-like banana ice cream. I can't recall all of the components but I was scraping up every last morsel I could.

Heavenly Sweet
Liquid chocolate, Pineapple sorbet, Yoghurt “Bubble”

This just did not work. The chocolate component was delicious but when paired with the acidic, fresh pineapple sorbet and the tangy yoghurt bubble, along with the pineapple jubes, and sticky cake it just didn't make sense or taste nice.

Cost: $270 for a 7 course degustation for two people.

Service: Not great. Our water went empty often and the waitress smashed three glasses in succession next to our table, the other waitress was in a bad mood made us feel as if we were putting her out. The biggest issue was that we waited 25minutes between every course of the degustation meaning that by the time the next course came we were already staving again (the vegetarian serving sizes are also very small).

Atmosphere: Sleek and modern. The space is quite open with eating areas on three sides of the room. On a Monday night the restaurant was fairly empty and therefore the noise level was low.

Parking: Limited.


Hours: Fri noon-2.30pm, Mon-Sat 6.30pm-9.30pm

Would I return: No.

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