Saturday, January 14, 2012

Top 10 2011


Surpringly quite a few corn, and salted caramel dishes in last year's list (pregnancy hormones to blame?), with Attica scoring two dishes in the top 10. And yes, my number one dish of last year was a simple caramel slice, but it was THE BEST caramel slice I have ever had, and I still dream about it...

1: Caramel slice - Louttit Bay Bakery

2: Raw chestnuts, salt baked celeriac, Pyengana - Attica

3: Polenta, wild thyme, slow cooked organic egg, parmesan, corn - Charcoal Lane

4: Chocolate parfait, sour cherry and pistachio financier, cherry ice cream  - Centonove

5: Strawberries and cream - Persimmon

6: White chocolate eggs with caramel - Attica

7: Soft poached egg, polenta, truffle, brioche crumbs  - The Point

8: Soft centered Valrhona chocolate biscuit, almond praline anglaise and Tahiti vanilla bean ice cream - La Petanque

9: "Street Style" chargrilled corn with queso, chipotle mayonnaise & lime - Mamasita

10: Butterscotch popcorn ice cream - Burch & Purchese 

Worst dish of 2011: Pumpkin pasta in a sage and burnt butter sauce - Sosta Cucina

I was 6 months pregnant AND starving and I still couldn't eat more than a mouthful.


1. Marron, leek, egg yolk - Attica

2.  Cured kingfish, wasabi - $25 - Cutler & Co

3. Violet honeycomb crumble ice cream -Burch & Purchese

4. Violet crumble - Attica

5. Shiitakes & meat from the Pearl Oyster - Attica

6. Bitter chocolate fondant, griottine cherries, malt ice cream, brown butter crumbs - Persimmon

7. Peanut butter parfait, bananas, bitter chocolate - Persimmon

8. Hopkins River Eye fillet steak sandwich, beetroot + blood orange relish, caramel onions, bacon, roast tomato, aged Maffra farmhouse cheddar + a poached googie egg - Snow Pony

9. Main: Roast suckling pig boudin noir plum and kohlrabi - $46

10. Zuchhini flowers - Grossi Florentino

Pumpkin pasta in a sage and burnt butter sauce - Sosta Cucina

Still remember the bad taste in my mouth. 

Studley Park Boathouse - Kew - review

Name: Studley Park Boathouse

Address: 1 Boathouse Rd 
Kew, VIC 3101
03 9853 1828

Food: ModOz, European

Average price: Entree: $11-$19, Mains: $26-$35, Dessert: $14-$18.50

Complimentary:  Nothing.

We ordered: 
Main:  Housemade gnocchi panfried with pumpkin sauce, ricotta and walnuts - $18

The gnocchi was really soft. the pumpkin sauce was a touch on the sweet side and therefore I would have preferred a saltier cheese, such as feta, than the mellow ricotta. The walnuts were yummy but also sweet. Had this been a touch more salty it would have been really fantastic, but overall it was still a nice dish that I would order again.

Boathouse burger with bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, fries and salad - $24

Mr.M: It was beautiful

Dessert: Belgian chocolate mousse cake - $10.90

The mousse was a touch too gelatinous for me, being on the firm side also subdued the chocolate flavour I was hoping for, instead it was more akin to a vanilla/sweet mousse cake than Chocolate. Texture and flavour aside it was still decent.

Service: A little over attentive. Our food came out fairly quickly and our water was never less than half full but a lot of the time the waiters would just be standing behind us, waiting, which was a little off putting as we felt a lack of privacy.

Atmosphere: Surrounded by nature. The river, trees and wildlife makes for a truly relaxing atmosphere, on a sunny day up on the balcony it is truly wonderful. Although if a swan squabble arises there will be some noise :). The restaurant itself is done in a neutral minimal decor.

Parking: Ample on site parking. Also nearby street parking.


Hours: Wed-Fri & Sun noon-3pm, Wed-Sat 6.30pm-10pm (cafe hours: Sat-Sun 9am-11am, daily noon-4pm)

Would I return: Yes, lovely location and good value for food.

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