Friday, November 11, 2011

Burch & Purchese - South Yarra - review

Name: Burch & Purchese

Address: 647 Chapel Street
South Yarra, VIC 3141
03 9827 7060

Food: Sweets

Average price: $4.50 - $170

Complimentary:  Nothing.

We ordered: Puffed quinoa & malted orange caramelised white chocolate - $11
Salted caramel spread - $12.50

Once again I've been led astray by other's raves. For me this bar was equally sweet and bitter.  It was cloyingly sweet with bitterness from the orange. There was a hint of caramel but it was lost in the flood of sugar. The texture was also a touch grainy after the melt.

Salted caramel spread - $12.50

Well, I am a sucker for salted caramel so it's no surprise I was eating this out of the jar. I will, however, not be buying it again as there is no ingredients list and I fear that its texture may be due to either corn syrup or even gelatine, neither if which I wish to consume. I wish they would list the ingredients so those who are vegetarian or have intolerances could consume their products.

St Clements & vanilla marmalade - $10.50

This is heavy on the peel with quite a bitterness to it, but I still enjoyed it. A decent marmalade, albeit rather pricey.

Chocolate, caramel & hazelnut spread - $12.50

If they hadn't sold this as their version of 'Nutella' I might have liked it's rather bitter non-chocolate taste, but alas I was expecting sweet chocolate with hazelnuts and a hint of caramel, which it did not deliver. To me this had zero chocolate taste and was predominantly a bitter nutty caramel. It didn't tickle my tastebuds at all.

Passionfruit meringue cloud - $4.50

The best out of the three, I really needed the tartness to soften the saccahrine sweetness. Unfortunately, as with all three meringues, there was a heavy raw egg flavour that I just couldn't get past. I also found the thick harder shell rather 'chalk-like' on my teeth which was unpleasant texture-wise. It seems the meringues just aren't for me.

Strawberry meringue cloud - $4.50

Really sweet and bubblegum-ish.

Blackberry meringue cloud - $4.50

Quite sweet with a really subtle blackberry flavour.

Butterscotch popcorn ice cream - $12

If I could only eat one ice cream for the rest of my life this would be it. Exactly as described this creamy concoction tasted of salty popcorn and toffe-esque butterscotch upon an almost vanilla ice cream is sublime - 500ml ain't large enough!

Violet honeycomb crumble ice cream - $12

My husband almost kissed my feet when I handed him this. Attica's violet dessert is his all time favourite and now he can relive that delectable pleasure every night with this ice cream. I have a feeling next time we go he will be emptying the entire supply and that still won't be enough.

Banana, caramel, rum - $9
caramelised white chocolate & vanilla mousse, macadamia spiced speculaas, caramelised banan cream, passionfruit jelly, caramelised milk solids, passionfruit curd, chocolate vevet spray

After all the hype I was left feeling a little blase about this one; to me it was rather 'baby food bland' with only sweet banana coming through. The passion fruit was the saving grace for me with its vibrant bursts of tartness, wish there had been more.

Chocolate, mandarin, salted caramel - $48
Kendari 60% chocolate mousse, Murray River salted caramel, burnt mandarin cream, St Clements marmalade, aerated choclate shortbread, chocolate mirror glaze

This was a gift for my gorgeous K who loved it. It's the classic 'Jaffa' flavour done really well.

Service: Over the phone they were absolutely lovely and helpful when I placed my order.

Parking: Street parking but Chapel st can get rather busy.


Tues - Sun 10-6:30pm.

Would I return: Yes. We will be loading up on their ice creams as per hubby's request.

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  1. Great to read a balanced review of Burch and Purchese. I loved my experience there but did feel that the desserts could have "popped" a bit more in their flavours; I could hear my mum's voice in my head ringing "Less is More!" I'll definitely be returning whenever I go back to Melbourne, though, because the concept and passion of the place makes my heart sing :)

  2. Hey there! Agree with your review too. We first posted on Burch & Purchese before the Masterchef-generated hype deluge. Some things are just great, most are over-complicated and as you said, lost in expression. Or maybe, our palates are not refined enough, haha.

    For your reference, our review is here.


  3. I absolutely love their ice-creams there! So good... however had a bad experience with their coconut ice-cream (don't try it).. and agreed, their cakes are hits and misses, but thats the fun of it... it's a sweet lab after all! :)

  4. Sorry you did not enjoy it too much, feedback taken on board!
    Salted caramel ingredients are: Caster sugar, Cream 35% Fat, Unsalted Butter, Murray River Salt, Liquid Glucose and Vanilla Seeds.

  5. Don't be sorry Darren, whilst our first selection weren't all hits the ones we loved (like the salted caramel, THANK YOU for giving me the ingredients, I WILL be buying it again now, and the gorgeous ice creams) we REALLY loved. We've already picked out which ice creams and desserts we will be getting on the second trip :)

  6. I have never heard of this company. The violet and honeycomb crumble ice cream looks amazing.


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