Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Groove Train - Doncaster

Name: The Groove Train

Westfield Doncaster
Suite 2002 Level 2
619 Doncaster Rd
Doncaster 3108 VIC

Phone: (03) 9840 6466

Food: Italian, Mediterranean, Cafe,
Average price: Entrée: $12.50-$16.90
Mains: $13.50-$32.50
Desserts: $10

Complimentary:  Nothing.

We ordered:

Starters: Groovy eggplant chips - $12.90
parmesan crumbed & stacked on a balsamic reduction, served with aioli

Immediately I was hoping for a little more balsamic to go with the enormous stack of eggplant batons - and it was needed as the batons, whilst perfectly cooked, were oily and heavy. They needed the creamy aioli (which was more like watery mayonnaise) and bitey balsamic to balance it out. It has potential.

Crunchy burschetta - $11.90
ripe tomatoes marinated with Spanish onion and basil, set on chunky pesto ciabatta, topped with shaved Parmesan

R, S and D liked the balance of the flavours, the only problem was that the bread was soggy upon arrival and therefore didn't contribute that 'crunchiness' that was needed (and implied).

Fried calamari - $15.90
floured with lemon pepper and lightly fried, garnished with salad and fresh lemon, serves with tartare sauce and chips

R said this was really nice.

Mains: Pan-fried gnocchi - $18.90
with spinach, roasted pumpkin and sage, laced with cream and parmesan cheese

This was a generous serving and I did struggle to finish (that's not a bad thing). The gnocchi was perfectly toothsome, although it did lack that golden crispness of a pan-fried gnocchi, if I wasn't expecting them to be pan-fried then I would have found them to be perfectly cooked. The cream sauce was nice but I wish there had been more spinach, sage and pumpkin to balance out the portion of gnocchi.

Desserts: Baci chocolate cake - $9.40

This was ENORMOUS - great value for money. I had mine served with cream (very light cream). The cake was thick, rich, chocolatey and satisfying. Although be warned, you may need to share to finish it.

Apple pie - $9.90

S and D said this was nice, although a little plain (lacked spices). Theirs was served with ice cream.

Cost: $78.90 for three entrees, one main and two desserts.

Service: Average. We had to ask for our water to be refilled and the slice of cake took 20mins to come out due to a 'mix up' - even though the waitress asked for it three times before we received it. One of our entrees came out as a main by mistake but they only charged us the entrée price when we told them it was the wrong size.

Atmosphere: Casual with great views. The entire back wall of the open restaurant is floor to ceiling glass with sweeping views towards over the valley. The noise level is loud as it is surrounded by other restaurants and a foyer.

Parking: Ample - it's in Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown so there is ample parking - it's free for the first 3 hours or if you spend over $200 in the centre.


Hours: Daily 8am-10pm (hours vary on weekends)

Would I return: Yes - it's a decent 'shopping centre' eatery.

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