Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hutong - Hong Kong - review

Name: Hutong

Address: 28th floor, 1 Peking Rd,
Hong Kong
+852-3428 8342

Food: Northern Chinese

Average price: Minimum $300HK per person (Around $40AUD).

Complimentary: Mung Bean and Preserved Vegetable

We ordered:

Pig throat and leek salad with coriander and sesame oil

The boys thought this was a touch bland and found the pig throat texture unpleasant.

Sliced pork with beef rolls pork cheek rolled with minced beef with mashed garlic

This was ok, nothing special.

Vegetarian spring rolls with mushroom served with scallion

I found these well cooked with a great crunch and rather tasty filling, they were yummy even without the dipping sauce.

Crispy deboned lamb ribs

These were ok, though a touch dry.

Grouper in Szechuan chilli

Very spicy and generous serving size.

Egg white fried rice with conpoy and spring onion

Not much flavour. R found the texture a little too crunchy.

Minced pork with fennel seed dumplings

Everyone thought these were nice.

Mixed vegetable dumplings

Whilst they had a nice consistency, without the garlic vinegar sauce they had no flavour of their own.

Apple rolls with fried lotus

These were merely ok - they needed some other flavour besides the apple and perhaps a sauce or ice cream for some wetness as it was a rather dry dish.

flower drink - rose, lychee, honey and cinnamon

Way too heavy on the honey for me which made it too sweet to drink, it increased my thirst. The blend of fruity lychee, spicy cinnamon and fragrant rose was nice though.

Kiwi cocktail

Very strong alcohol wise.

Service: Not great. We had to keep pouring our own wine bottles but the food came out at a decent pace.

Atmosphere: Too dark to see my shoes. Whilst the foyer had a some gorgeous red lanterns, a decorative rickshaw and a stunning view of the harbour (and later on, the laser show), overall it was far too dark, I could barely make out what the rather uncomfortable chairs even looked like.
The noise level was quite low, perhaps the dark lighting just made everyone a little quieter than usual.

Parking: Limited - take a cab or train.


Hours: Daily noon-3pm and 6-11pm

Would I return: No.

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  1. Oooh.. I wonder if it's the same owners as the ones here in Melb?


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