Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mamma's Boys - Kew East - review

Name: Mamma's Boys

Address: 647 High St
Kew East 3102 VIC
Phone: (03) 9859 0583

Food: Italian.
Average prices: Starters - $12, Entrees - $16, Mains - $25, Desserts - $12
Complimentary: Nothing.

We ordered:

Starters: Bruschetta - $6.

This was average. The bread was a little tough, the tomatoes were bland and there was no other flavour besides onion.

Whilst the eggplant was marinated nicely it too was a little tough.

Gnocchi in Romano sauce with mozzarella baked in clay pot - $22

The gnocchi, supposedly fresh, was doughy, heavy and chewy whilst the sauce was only ok and a little too much on the sweet side. There also wasn't enough mozzarella for me. I found it rather disappointing for a restaurant that prides itself on making 'mamma's food' - nothing we ate really felt like it was made 'with love'.

Twice cooked pork belly with crackle and fig and apple sauce -$36

R said this was OK.

Mixed berry brulee tart - $12.

The custard was very runny, it had the consistency of eggnog. It was also SUPER SWEET - far too sugary for me. Thankfully the berries added a sharpness to help cut through a tad. What really ruined this dish was the clumsy, extremely thick and dry pastry, not appetising to the eye or the tastebud (I had to use a nice to cut through it.)

Apple tart tatine - $12

I'm not sure how this can be considered an apple tart tatine...
It had the same thick, dry crust as mine except this one also tasted bitterly burnt. The scant apple and sultana filling was also overly sweet. R could barely eat it.

Cost: $88 for 1 starter, 2 mains and 2 desserts.

Service: Only OK this time around. The staff were ok but the food took a long time to come out. They also chose to sit everyone on the same side, so despite the restaurant only being half full, as we were all seated next to each other the noise level was quite loud.

Atmosphere: Muted. The noise level got quite loud as everyone was seated side by side. The decor is a mix of browns with food-inspired artwork on the walls and a small water feature by the window. The atmosphere was a little lacking this time around.

Parking: Ample - there is street parking, but it may get difficult to find a close-by parking later in the evening.


Hours: Mon-Sat 5pm-11pm

Would I return: No.


  1. Oh my heavens! None of this even looks appealing (except, I, guess, the bruschetta, which looks standard...) I hate lacklustre desserts out, particularly when you know you could've made them so much better yourself (and we both know YOU could've!! :P)

  2. This doesn't look yum at all... $22 for gnocchi (bad gnocchi at that) is super not worth it!!!


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