Monday, April 1, 2013

Sunny's Pizza - Aireys Inlet - review

As mentioned in my previous post, the selection of eateries in the picturesque town of Airey's Inlet is rather limited. 
On one rather rain-soaked bedraggled evening that neither of us wanted to venture out of our warm cave to search for food, we decided to order some pizza for a quick pick up.

Pot Luck - $15.50.

After a quick look on Urbanspoon I decided to try the much recommended Pot Luck which consists of tomato, rosemary, garlic, roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes, pepper, parmesan and sea salt.
I was THRILLED with this pizza. It was absolutely delicious  The potatoes were perfectly tender and it had the right balance between salty and sweet. I have since ordered it every single time we have gone back down to Airey's. I don't even wish to try any other vegetarian pizza on offer.

Weekend at Gazza's- $17
Mango chutney, sweet chilli chicken, cashews, red onion and tzatziki

Mr.M was also very happy with his choice - full of flavour.

Chocolate and hazelnut calzone - $9.50

When we ordered this the first time it was everything you want a dessert calzone to be - the filling was unctuous chocolate delight. It was so incredibly delicious we ordered two the second night, however they couldn't have been more different. We thought perhaps they had been overcooked and the chocolate had seized so we rang Sunny's and asked if they could make another two However these were the same. We asked them why they were different and they told us they were using a new mixture which included a cake mixture  We have since tried them again and unfortunately it was once again, like the second mixtures - bland, not very chocolatey, lumpy. Such a shame.

We can't comment on the service as we have never dined in. But be warned that whatever they estimate for pick up, add another 5-10minutes on top.

Sunny's Pizza has become our favourite eatery in Airey's Inlet so far and the only one we have repeatedly gone back to. It's not just good pizza for Airey's, it's good pizza full stop.

Sunny's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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