Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sosta Cucina - North Melbourne

Name: Sosta Cucina

12 Errol St
North Melbourne 3051 VIC

Phone: (03) 9329 2882
Food: Italian
Average price: Entree: $3-$18,  Mains: $16-$29,  Dessert: $12-$18

Complimentary:  Nothing.

We ordered:

Crostata di Fichi - $14
Fresh fig tart with vanilla marscapone and our fig and white chocolate gelato

R found this a touch boring. I find with cream tarts you need a tangy or tart fruit to balance the dish, the sugary sweet fig just didn't work with the vanilla cream and chocolate gelato, it was unmemorable and not exciting to eat.

Panforte e cioccolato 'sandwich'  - $14
Dark chocolate and panforte sandwich with a white chocolate and orange mousse

S really enjoyed this whilst A tasted something, perhaps a spice, that she doesn't like so she didn't eat it.

Bombolini ripieni - $14
Three hot cinnamon sugared donuts filled with vanilla pastry cream and accompanied with melted milk Lindt chocolate

This was the winner of the night - simple but delectable. The doughnuts were warm with a crisp sugary coating, soft spongy dough and a subtle but wonderful pastry cream; dipped in milk lindt chocolate it's a mouthful of sinful deliciousness. It was the perfect size for one, but don't expect to be able to keep them all to yourself...

Affogato o con liquore frangelico, strega o amaretto - $11
Vanilla bean gelato with espresso coffee, or with your choice of liqueur vini dolci al bicchiere

Classic affogato, a touch pricey but I guess the martini glass serving was supposed to make it a little swankier than the traditional small glass. No faults taste wise.

Cost: $64 for 3 desserts and two coffees.

Service: Good. The food came out quickly and our water was topped up. The service was also friendly.

Atmosphere: Softly elegant. Muted neutral tones punctuated with luxurious chandeliers and patterned booths. We were seated at a large dining table right at the front which wasn't the best as each time the door opened we received a chilly draught. The rest of the decor however was lovely with an understated chic.

Parking: Good - there's a decent amount of street parking.

Hours: Tue-Sun noon-10pm

Would I return: Yes - if I find myself in the area.


  1. Yayy! New post!... Do they only serve desserts here?

  2. Haha no, we were early to a comedy show so we had 20mins to kill and decided to have some desserts next door - hence the poor iphone pics...

  3. Ahhh ... that is making much sense now... si. si...


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