Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Commoner - Fitzroy

Name: The Commoner

Address: 122 Johnston St
Fitzroy 3065 VIC
Phone: (03) 9415 6876

Food: ModOz, Moroccan
Average price: Brunch - $16, Main - $28, Dessert - $12

Complimentary: nothing.

We ordered:

Scrambled Free-range Eggs with Winter Greens on Sourdough - $13

I was a little disappointed upon realising that 'Winter Greens' meant undressed salad leaves. I had been hoping for some sauteed kale or spinach, something like that. The eggs were a little rubbery and bland whilst the bread was a little too charcoal-y for my liking. Overall the dish was bland and boring, and I was still hungry afterwards.

Honkey Sandwich- Crispy Pancetta, Harissa, Fried Free-Range Eggs, Spinach, Aioli - $16

Ryan originally liked this as it was full of flavour, however towards the end it became a little much and began to taste 'weird' on his tongue.

Winter lemonade with mulberry, red grapefruit and mint - $6

I rather enjoyed this. The lemon gives way to the sweeter mulberry before bitter grapefruit and finally refreshing, cool mint. Just wish there had been a little more.

Cost: $35 - two breakfast dishes, 1 drink.

Service: Good - our water was topped up but we had to wait a while for the bill.

Atmosphere: Noisy - the room is tiny - about 10 tables, and fairly close together. The conversation from the table next to us dominated our own and our private conversations with each other were heard and commented on by the waiters. Not much privacy, cosy, but a little claustrophobic for me. The artwork on the walls is interesting and adds visual appeal, but otherwise I found it a little bare and rundown.

Parking: Decent - there is a large amount of street parking -Mon-Sat it is limited to around 1hour, and even on a Sunday we had to do a few laps to find one as it is an extremely busy area. Public transport would be a good option.


Hours: Wed – Fri: Dinner - 18:00 - Late
Sat - Sun: Brunch, lunch & dinner from 09:00 – 23:00

Would I return: No - nothing exciting to warrant going back over trying someplace new.

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