Friday, June 19, 2009

Jacques Reymond - Prahran

Name: Jacques Reymond

Address: 78 Williams Rd
Prahran 3181 VIC
Phone: (03) 9525 2178

Food: ModOz, Modern
Average price: Degustation menu: 8 courses, $165, vegetarian $130
Set menu: 3 courses, $98 , four courses $125, 5 courses $150

Complimentary: 3 gougeres, and bread throughout the first few dishes.

We ordered the Taste of Winter degustation - 2 meat and 1 vegetarian (I snuck photos here and there - so my memory isn't the best, especially for the meat versions):

Celeriac & Jerusalem artichoke soup with lobster (tofu/ricotta for veg)

This was a little gritty and under seasoned. The tofu was bland and unpleasantly cold, but the celeriac added a nice nuttiness to the soup. The others liked their lobster version.

Spiced watermelon, cucumber, daikon, peanuts

This was light and refreshing. The others had fish.

Snapper with sencha lime emulsion, white honey foam

The others liked this - my dish had pineapple, fennel, nougatine and onions - I couldn't eat it as it was sweet and not balanced.

Battered cauliflower, jicama (others had quail), natural black rice, tajine flavours, whipped Persian feta

This was my favourite savoury dish of the night as it had the most flavour. Along with the above flavours there was also fresh mint with cut through the richness of the tempura vegetables and feta. I didn't care much for the rice as it was quite chewy and tasteless.

Wallaby with lemon Myrtle and apple jelly, cider vinaigrette, combu celeriac cooked in salt crust (veg sub for meat was witlof a l'orange)

This was really boring for me. I didn't like the witlof and the vegetable was bland whilst I didn't want to eat the jelly as it probably had gelatin in it. The others liked the wallaby, no overly so though.

Souffle of Gruyere in a herb sauce

This was lovely. Each spoon had gooey strings of cheese - the sauce was mildy sweet which cut through the richness of the cheese. Quite nice. The others had a waygu steak with mustard ice cream - the ice cream was not liked at all. It did not compliment the steak. They enjoyed the rest of it, but didn't feel it was very interesting.

Martini of bittersweet, chocolate, whiskey espresso granita, bourbon vanilla chantilly

This was divine. The texture of the chocolate was silky smooth, whilst the cold granita gave a nice hint of flavour and a contrasting texture. I didn't find it bittersweet at all. I could easily have eaten 7 of these - yum.

Pear and caramel, earl grey and orange tea ice cream, pedro ximenez jelly

The pear was a little overpowered by the silky caramel. The ice cream was perfumed and strong, but pleasant and complimented the caramel and pear. I did not eat the jelly, but the others informed me it wasn't very flavourful. A nice dish.

Petit fours - pistachio macaron, lemon slice, brownie, truffle, coconut jelly, pastry puff

The macarons were quite sweet. The lemon slice was tart but nice. I did not try the others.

Cost: $460 for 1 vegetarian and two meat degustations - 8 course.

Service: Perfect. Our water was always topped up and the waiters were great, the maitre d was a little hard to understand though (he was Australian).

Atmosphere: Great. Lovely warm and neutral decor. Quite classic with dim lighting. The noise is quite minimal.

Parking: Decent. There are a few car spots through the restaurant gates otherwise you will have to find some down side streets.


Hours: Thu-Fri noon-2pm, Tue-Sat 6.30pm-10pm

Would I return: No - my savoury dishes were boring and it is too highly priced for dishes to be bland.

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