Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selene - Santorini - Greece

Name: Selene

Address: Fira - Santorini
+30 2286022249

Food: Modern Greek
Average price: Entree - $16.50, Main - $29, Dessert - $15?.

Complimentary: Bread slices.

Fava soup with mastika and basil oil

This was really delicate, with a hint of mastika.

We ordered:

Entrees: Cold tomato soup with niotiko cheese ice-cream - $16.40

The tomato was ice cold and refreshing but I found the ice cream texture too grainy and the taste too bitter.

Polenta tart with tomatoes, egg and quail - ?

Ryan really loved the quail but found the tart a little boring.

Mains: Vegetables rolled in phyllo dove and xinomizithra cheese kennel - $20

The pastry was perfectly flaky and the vegetables had a lot of flavour, they were a little on the greasy side though. The cheese helped to cut through the greasiness and complimented the dish well.

Vinsanto glazed pigeon with bulghur with dried apricots and santorini pistachios - $32

Ryan really loved the pigeon and said the blughur was flavourful - great flavours and exciting dish.

Desserts: Chocolate parfait with candied white eggplants, begarmot cream - ?

This was a really interesting dish. The chocolate parfait was a gorgeous texture and velvety smooth without being too sweet. The eggplant had a hint of eggplant-taste and added another gorgeous candied texture whilst the bergamot gave a delicate floral note to the creme - absolutely lovely to eat.

Greek coffee creme, vin santo biscuits - ?

The creme was perfectly textured and tasted like Greek coffee, strong and a little bitter. The biscuits had that soft but chewy stale-like texture and I didn't feel they went well with the creme. It was nice, but a little boring.

Cost: Over $120 EURO - so a little pricey when you earn Aussie dollars.

Service: Good. Our water was always topped up and the waiters were knowledgeable on the menu.

Atmosphere: Good. We sat outside so it was a more relaxed, casual vibe. The view is nice from the tables, but the great view is upstairs where you can have drinks.

Parking: Ample street parking.


Hours: Tue-Sat noon-2.30pm, 6.30pm-9.30pm
Sun 9am-2pm

Would I return: No - it was OK, not great enough for the price.

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