Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bistro Traptje - Bourgoensch hof hotel - Bruges - Belgium - Review

Name: Bistro Traptje

Address: Wollestraat 39
8000 Brugge,

050 33 16 45

Food: Belgian, Pub
Average price:

Complimentary: 4 slices of cold bread with three packets of butter.

Pretty much your standard supermarket loaf.

We ordered:
Kaaskroketten met salade - $11.60Euro
Two cheese croquettes with salad

If you look past the no-effort presentation the croquettes themselves were quite moorish and satisfying in a simple, oozy fried cheese way. The salad was nothing special but fresh and generous none-the-less.

Mussels with fries - $21Euro

R enjoyed the smell more than the dish. Although he enjoyed the mussels there wasn't much variety in the dish and they soon became monotonous. The chips were stale and unappetising, even with the watered down mayonnaise.

White beer - $4euro

Cost: $36.60Euro for an entree, 1 main and 1 beer. They only accepted cash as payment.

Service: Lacklustre. Despite there being hardly any patrons the one waitress who was there was more often unseen, at the back unpacking stock and various other errands. As a result our water was never refilled and we had to wait a while for her to come back so we could get the cheque. That aside they did make the city's best know dish, mussels, for hubby despite it not being on the menu.

Atmosphere: Reminiscent of an English pub. The maroon carpets patterned with gold were paired with a pale wooden bar and darker wooden chairs. The drapes were heavy and green but parted to show the view of the canal through lattice windows. The room felt a little musty but otherwise it was fine enough, When we went most were seated outside so therefore there was hardly any noise. Business was fairly quiet.

Parking: Take a risk. Whilst less busy than Paris, the city is geared more towards pedestrians and cyclists.


Hours: No idea, but as it is part of the hotel I'd say it be open daily for most meals.

Would I return: No. I'm sure there is a better representation of Belgian food someplace else but we chose this place as we recognised it from the film, In Bruges.

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