Thursday, September 2, 2010

La Terrasse - Galeries Lafayette - Paris - France - Review

Name: La Terrasse
Address:  40 Boulevard Haussmann, 
75009 Paris, 

09 57 70 83 30

Food: French, cafe, Fusion
Average price:$10-20Euro.

Complimentary: 3 slices cold bread and tap water.

We ordered:

Pates de Cecco - $15Euro

This was a macaroni and cheese with yuzu. The pasta was cooked perfectly and I found the amount of parmesan was spot on, the yuzu added a fruity-bitterness to the dish was made it less heavy, although I would have loved a bit more sauce. This was a generous serving.

Filet de boeuf - $27Euro

R loved the seaweed butter and the potatoes were nice, but other than that the meat was chewy and he couldn't eat much of it.

Cost: $42Euro for two mains.

Service: Curt. For a shopping centre restaurant I found the staff to be quite brusque in their manner and almost felt as if they were 'looking down at us' - perhaps it was my feeble French, but it was the unfriendliest service we had on the entire trip. The food wasn't super quick either and our water wasn't topped up.

Atmosphere: Sweeping views. Even if you don't eat at the restaurant do yourself a favour and at least get to the roof for the views alone, I kicked myself for not bringing my proper camera. Aside from a view-to-die-for the decor is very breezy and light and fairly open with a tarp roof, allowing the soft breeze to blow through - a great mix of indoors/outdoors. Kind of a beachy feel.

Parking: Forget about it. Parking in France is a nightmare (and sometimes laughable at how ridiculous it is, we saw an instance where are car was so pinned in, both cars next to it were touching its bumpers). Do yourself a favour and take the Metro (trains every 3mins) or a bus which stop right outside the department store.


Hours: Tue-Sat, noon-6pm until Autumn.

Would I return: No.

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