Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cafe des Deux Moulins - France - Paris - review

Name: Cafe des Deux  Moulins

Address: 15 Rue Lepic
18eme Arrondissement


Average price: $2.80-$18.50 Euro.

Complimentary: Glass of water.

We ordered: Pain au chocolat - $1.30 Euro

Nice, not the best nor the worst.

Amelie's breakfast - $9.90Euro
Also pictured above

Quite generous portion of half a bread stick, a croissant, jam, butter, coffee, orange juice and an omelet (I forgot to photograph it, but it was quite large).

Everything was cooked fine, not fantastic but good value.

Cost: $11.20Euro for one breakfast meal and a chocolate croissant.

Service:  OK. The waiters were fairly rushed and it took a while to get our menus. But the food itself came out quickly.

Atmosphere: Kitschy. The decor remains mostly true to the movie with its tiled floor and pale green accents with pink ceilings, the glass partition that Amelie wrote on has disappeared and a large picture of her sits at the back of the cafe as well as another above the bar. The cigarette counter is also gone.The patrons are a mixture of locals, who sit at the front of the cafe, whilst at the back are the groups of tourists no doubt on an Amelie tour, behind us is a tour group of 15 Asian tourists happily taking a million snapshots of everything, including their cutlery. There was this one moment when a homeless person came in and stood in the middle of the cafe whilst the staff walked around him as if he were part of the furniture, eventually he made his way to the bathroom where he stayed until after we departed. I didn't quite gel with the atmosphere which felt so divided and also rushed.

Parking: Forget about it. Parking in France is a nightmare (and sometimes laughable at how ridiculous it is, we saw an instance where are car was so pinned in, both cars next to it were touching its bumpers). Do yourself a favour and take the Metro (trains every 3mins) or a bus.

Website: None.

Hours:  Daily 7am - 2am.

Would I return: No.


  1. so great to see your other blog, it makes me really hungry... I love your tasty travels :)

  2. I loved this post! It must have been surreal actually go to go to Amelie's restaurant


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