Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cecconi's Cantina - Melbourne

Name: Cecconi's Cantina

61 Flinders La
Melbourne 3000 VIC

Phone: (03) 9663 0222

Food: Italian, ModOz
Average price: Entree: $22 - $35, Mains: $39 - $48, Dessert: $16 - $17.

Complimentary:  Bread with olive oil and olives.

We ordered: Entrée: Salad of beetroot & holy goat piccolos, toasted walnuts, honey & cabernet vinaigrette - $22

Classic ingredients and classically complimentary flavours - nice enough, but not exciting or interesting. For a moment or too I actually thought the beets had come from a can.

Jamon iberico, black fig, sweet rocket, hazelnut vinaigrette & balsamic jelly - $26

Once again, classic pairings - hubby's first taste of Jamon iberico though, and let's just say, it won't be his last.

Mains: Risotto with shaved summer black truffles, parmesan & truffle oil - $34

Once again, I am let down by a risotto. In this case it simply wasn't cooked enough. The rice was still chalky and too firm and therefore the sauce also was too watery. Had it had another 10minutes on the stove it would have been lovely.

Pan fried duck breast with plums & blackberries, duck sausage, green beans & witlof - $40

Hubby loved the flavours in the dish, unfortunately the duck was overdone and too chewy to eat. The duck sausage was nice.

Desserts: Strawberry & almond shortcake, macerated strawberries with vanilla cream, reduced vincotto - $17

Hubby and I ended up swapping dishes - this was originally mine but I found it a little dull and unsatisfying. Nothing really stood, out.

Baked peach & apricot agrodolci, passion fruit ice cream, zabaglione, pistachio puree - $17 

Whilst hubby didn't like this I enjoyed it more than the other dessert. Although overall it was bitter and sour, not sweet enough for a desert. The zabaglione was also too thin for me and the fruit undercooked.

Cost: $156 for 2 entrees, 2 mains and 2 desserts.

Service: Good - efficient and not noticeable, except for one waitress who put out an angry vibe and cleared our plates brusquely.
Atmosphere: Richly dark. I quite liked this interior with the dark hues, patterned chairs and most of all the smoked, etched glass diving the main area from the private dining - overall it reminded me of a luxury train carriage.

Parking: Ample- plenty of paid and limited street.

Hours: Mon-Fri noon-3.30pm, Mon-Sat 6pm-10.30pm

Would I return: No. The food was ok, but as I have said before, so many other restaurants to discover.

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