Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pure Tastes - Paihia - New Zealand

Name: Pure Tastes

Address: Paihia Beach Resort & Spa Hotel 
116 Marsden Road 
Paihia, Bay of Islands
New Zealand 0200

09 402 0003 

Food: ModOz,
Average price: Entree: $21-23, Mains: $31-34, Dessert: $15-16
4  courses $75 per guest, 5 course $85 per guest

Complimentary: Asparagus soup
A little watery for me but R liked it.

Cauliflower & potato soup
Thick, creamy and subtle but perfectly seasoned.

Kaffir lime palate cleanser

A little too jelly-like for me but hubby scoffed them down, nice strong kaffir lime taste.

Entree: Seared tuna, crab spring roll, shitake mushroom salad - $22 - four course

R didn't love this.

tomato and haloumi terrine - $21
walnut and rocket salad, balsamic reduction

This was nice enough.

Beetroot, goats cheese, mushroom -$22

This was nice, although a little heavy on the goat's cheese - I wish it had more of the sweet and tart reduction to cut through it - I don't think the mushrooms added much either.

Main: pan seared fish -$32
Herb linguine, tomato tian, shellfish and ginger foam - 4 course

caramelised pork belly - $32

cider infused potatoes, apple purée, caramelised onions & sage vinaigrette

R loved this so much as part of his 4 courses the next day he ordered it as his main - his favourite component was the caramelised apple.

ricotta and medtrainen vegetable stack - $31
herb consommé, micro salad

Once the consomme was added this was all a bit bland and watery, I didn't enjoy it.

Side dishes:  $7.50
northland kumara chips with parmesan olive oil

LOVED these - perfect texture and well seasoned - couldn't really taste the parmesan oil though.

gordon’s haricot beans gremolata

Great flavour and well cooked beans - yum, especially loved the garlic.

potato gnocchi, lemon butter & chives

Very subtle - a bit boring once the lovely ricotta runs out though.

Dessert: chocolate brûlée - $16 - four course
beetroot sorbet, beetroot hokey pokey, white chocolate oil

My favourite dessert - the brulee was lovely, couldn't taste the white chocolate oil but the beetroot elements added a nice earthy contrast and texture to the silky chocolate brulee.

coffee parfait -$15
whisky jelly, vanilla foam & cinnamon doughnuts

R didn't really enjoy this but I quite liked it (apart from the stale doughnuts and jelly).

taste of coconut - $15
mango ravioli, coconut tart, coconut & chocolate parfait

The ravioli was two circles of fresh mango with a coconut jelly disc in the middle. Surprisingly this wasn't super coconut-y. It was nice and subtle. Inside the chocolate cube was a parfait - perhaps coconut? The tart had lovely meringue kisses on top and a nice filling.

strawberries & cream - $15
balsamic roast strawberries, crème fraîche, basil jelly

This was a little small for me. The flavours went well (although I didn't eat the jelly) and R liked it.

Cost: $248.50NZD for one four tastes menu, 2 entrees, 2 mains, 3 sides, 3 desserts (over two days).

Service: OK. The second time we went when the restaurant was around 75% capacity the staff were flustered and it took a while for our plates to be cleared. They do try hard though to make sure you are happy and are very eager to please.

Atmosphere: Beachside relaxation. The palette is light blues and neutrals with surrounding windows allowing view to the beach and poolside. Very relaxed, although quite small.

Parking: Ample.


Hours: Daily 7am-10pm.

Would I return: Yes - if I was staying in Paihia.

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