Friday, February 19, 2010

Huka Lodge - Lake Taupo - New Zealand

Name: Huka Lodge

Address:  271 Huka Falls Road,
Taupo 3377,
New Zealand

T + 64 7 378 5791

Food: ModOz, English

Complimentary: It is part of the room tariff.
Bread roll with butter and salt.

Served warm.

Mushroom arancini.

These were our favourites - I had to restrain myself from spoiling my dinner.

Carrot ginger soup
This was too heavy on the ginger for me, it was also served at room temperature.

Seafood spoon

Clearly I have no clue what this was - hubby didn't like it though.

Cheese and petit fours buffet

Huge table adorned with fruit, cheeses, mini chocolates and cookies.

Entree: Crab cocktail
Tomato preparations, crunchy wild rice

Hubby liked this. I can't remember what my vegetarian version was.

John Dory
Pea, shallot and chive dressing

Veg version - leeks with peas and tofu 

A little boring and bland.

Mains: Caprese
Several preparations of tomato, mozzarella and basil.

Unfortunately this lacked a lot of flavour. I didn't even finish.

Blue Nose
Green herbs, half dried tomato, black olive

Somehow no photo, so no idea.

Hawke's Bay Lamb
Eggplant variation, goat's cheese, slow roasted capsicum

Hubby liked the lamb, but found the eggplant odd-tasting.

Salad leaves

Dessert: Chocolate all the way

HUGE let down - The white chocolate, pistachio coated roll was horrible and tasted like the fridge. The chocolate sorbet was bitter and grainy. Can't remember what the other thing was - I think grapefruit was part of it - but the whole thing was unsatisfying. 

Cost: Included in the room tariffs. 

Service: Great.

Atmosphere: Overall hunting-lodge-esque. There are too many rooms to summarise. Dinner can either be communal in the dark but vibrant dining room, or you can choose to eat privately in up to 10 locations such as a wine cellar, outdoor on the veranda, or in the study (our location) etc.

Parking: Ample.


Hours: Daily 8pm (for guests only except for Autumn and Winter).

Would I return: To the hotel - Yes - but not for the food.

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