Saturday, February 27, 2010

Replete Providore - Hawthorn

Name: Replete Providore

302 Barkers Road,
Hawthorn, 3122

03 9818 4448

Food: ModOz, Cafe,
Average price: $7.50 - $17.80

Complimentary:  Nothing.

We ordered:

Bruschetta - $10.50 (we ordered a half portion -$3.60 less )
of vine ripened tomato with bocconcini and basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

I prefer small tomatoes, such as cherry, or diced larger tomatoes on my bruschetta, therefore I didn't enjoy the awkward-to-eat quartered tomatoes which tasted bland and had a little too much pepper. The bocconcini tasted bitter (perhaps from the oil?) but the bread was nice. Overall though, it was a pretty bland bruschetta.

Ricotta hotcakes - $14.50
with Replete lemon curd and fresh strawberries.

This is a huge serving. It looks great but stumbles on taste. The pancakes had a small patch of cooked, dry ricotta in the middle which I found weird. The texture was akin to a damper, but stickier. They are very heavy and floury which I didn't like. The lemon curd was fairly weak in terms of lemon flavour and that buttery creaminess I was expecting. The strawberries were fine and the sauce was a touch bitter. Overall I didn't even find this sweet, just bitter and doughy.

Replete Breakfast - $17.80
Poached eggs, spanish sausage, Istra bacon, hash brown, roasted tomato & field mushroom with toasted sourdough bread.

The best part of this was the poached egg, the worst was the mushroom which was tasteless. Average, but not special.

Wicked chocolate fudge brownie - $4.20

I prefer my brownies closer to fudge than to cake - but for hubby these were pretty good. Unfortunately, we ate only half of the hot brownie and took it home to eat later, which by then it had turned solid as a rock - and after going into the microwave, it just wasn't that nice.

Phoenix Pear and Apple Juice -$4.80

R was a litle sad to see it was made 'from concentrate'. Other than that it was OK.

Cost: $51.80 for 3 meals, a drink and a snack. Doesn't seem to add up to the website prices, the instore prices seem to have gone up.

Service: Fantastic. We were acknowledged as soon as we walked in and given water and a menu as soon as we sat down. The waiter also recommended we at least order a half portion of one of the dishes instead as all of their dishes have large portions.
Atmosphere: Foodstore chic. Typical cafe style with bookshelves stacked with purchasable goods. The vibe was relaxed but spiritedly energetic. Everyone, including four-legged creatures, are welcome.

Parking: Ample - large amount of street parking, although the side streets are largely permit-only.


Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Would I return: No - still on the hunt for a better-than-average breakfast place.

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